Our Worship Events


Sundays at 10:00 am. 

 Worship Services will also be livestreamed.  To watch the livestream, please go to YouTube and type in SAELC Worship Services. 



As Luther taught, private individual confession is a gift of comfort for those struggling with their sins. He writes, “Yet I will let no man take private confession from me, and I would not give it up for all the treasures in the world; for I know what comfort and strength it has given me. No man knows so well what it can do for him as he who must struggle and fight much with the devil. The devil would have slain me long ago if confession had not sustained me. For there are many doubts and false matters which a man cannot settle by himself… So he takes a brother aside and tells him his trouble. What harm does it do him to humble himself a little before his brother and put himself to shame? When you receive a word of comfort from him, accept and believe that word as if you heard it from God himself.” (W 10, III, 61 f- E 28, 283 – SL 20, 48)

Accordingly, private confession will be available with the pastor during certain times and by arrangement with him if desired.