Mission to Mexico (M2M) is an active outreach of St. Albert Evangelical Lutheran Church that began in 2003 when 43 participants traveled to Mexico for two weeks. Since then, congregational members have participated in another 9 mission trips to the northern Baja California region of Mexico.
M2M is about sharing the love of Christ. In the words of St. Francis of Assisi – “preach the Gospel… if necessary, use words”. We do use words -whether through VBS, preaching or sharing testimonials with local congregations or teaching their church elders – but we strive to do much more through our actions.
Some activities we’ve been involved with over the years include:

  • providing food, clothing and quilts to impoverished working class Mexicans;
  • providing outreach through short-term or multi-day children’s programs
  • building things
    • better homes for working class families
    • a church extension and a new church sanctuary;
    • basic improvements to different orphanages
  • School Sponsorship for 100’s of children
  • Ongoing support for our Mission partners in Mexico

But, the impact of our efforts is not limited to how we help the people we work with in Mexico. In fact, I would say the influence of M2M is also about the impact it has on participants and supporters. It’s not about what we do – it’s about why we do it, what we learn from it and what impacts those lessons have on our local communities.
We learn:

  • That we lead incredibly privileged lives;
  • That we can and should commit our time and resources to helping those less fortunate;
  • We learn to work with others – here and in Mexico; and
  • In so doing, we learn that our service to Christ can and should be active.

Since 2003, SAELC members have been directly involved in 10 short-term mission trips to Mexico. We’ve worked with numerous other congregations from Alberta. Over 200 people have participated in one or more of these trips and countless others have supported us through prayer and fundraising or other behind the scenes work.

Our most recent trip was in July 2019.  Six participants from SAELC, joined 11 other participants (mostly from Calvary Lutheran in Edmonton) in a two-week trip led by Pastor Karl Johnsen, Chair of the Canada Mission District of the NALC.  Team activities included:  building two homes; maintenance projects at Bethel Bible College (BBC); VBS programs at El Shaddai and Rhema; teaching Lutheran theology to staff and students at BBC and El Shaddai; and program enrichment for the children and respite for the staff at Gabriel House Rehabilitation Center.

We are currently planning for another mission trip hosted by the Canada Mission District over the Christmas break (tentatively December 28th, 2022 to January 8th, 2023).  A decision about proceeding with this trip will be made this fall.  Despite uncertainty in timelines due to COVID, Mission to Mexico remains an active ministry of SAELC.  We continue to promote awareness of our Mission Partners in Mexico and strive to support them financially and through prayer.  If you’re interested in joining us or want any other information about this mission, please contact the church office.

Below you’ll find pictures from our 2016 mission trip from our great experiences building and dedicating a home, fun with Gabriel House kids at the beach and VBS at the Rhema church.  Yes, it was as rewarding in Christ as it was fun!