Youth and Family Ministries

St. Albert Evangelical Church strives to encourage an effective and challenging Christian ministry amongst our youth and in the Christian education of all members of the congregation including our youth. Programs and activities foster a Christ-centered vision for our youth from pre-school through high school.


Children of all ages are welcome at our worship services.  Families with children are encouraged to sit in the main sancturary.  There is also a nursery room and a kid’s playroom attached to the sanctuary that allow for continued participation even when your children may need a little private time. The Sunday service includes a Children’s lesson after which children may choose to rejoin their parents for the rest of the service or go downstairs for Sunday School until the service is over.

Sunday School

Sunday school is offered most Sundays from September through June.  It includes music, bible stories and crafts for children grades K-6.  Older youth are encouraged to assist as junior leaders.

Noah's Ark Preschool

Noah’s Ark Preschool is an independent organization, indirectly supported by SAELC and proudly hosted within our facilities.  It’s a Christian play-based program that provides opportunities for children between the ages of 3 and 5 to question, explore and experience their world while developing skills to prepare them for school and for lifelong learning.

Half-day programs are provided 2 or 3 days a week from September through May.  The program is designed to meet children at their level and provide learning that is fun, interesting, and suitably challenging.  Our day encompasses creative, physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual reinforcemments.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a summer program that includes indoor and outdoor games, crafts, chapel, skits, snacks and bible study.  In 2024, we are once again offering a program through Hastings Lake Bible Camp that aims to provide a camp experience in a day-camp setting in our community.  Day-camp at SAELC is scheduled for July 8 – 12, 2024.


Teenagers are encouraged to participate in confirmation classes.  These classes occur regularly each year, September through May.  Youth receive lessons in Christian theology and participate in group discussions about its relevance in today’s world.  They are also encouraged to participate in service projects within the church and in the community.  After two or more years of study, students participate in Affirmation of Baptism where they are welcomed as adult members of the church.

Youth Events

We provide opportunities for youth to participate in fun events with their peers.  Come join our youth group and experience the epic activities, the laughter of friendship and the warmth of a faithful community!  We are currently offering events every second Saturday evening for youth between the ages of 12-18.

Youth Events

We encourage our youth to engage in mission activities outside of the church.  For example, our Mission to Mexico has provided many of our youth with the chance to travel and learn to worship and serve in a challenging new environment.  In recent years, youth have also volunteered with Gleaners in Oliver, B.C.